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Latest News:

September:   Upon invitation, L. Barry addressed (via ZOOM)  a European Organization LOST2, which  consists of members from Portugal, Spain , Italy, Belgium and Greece. They were particularly interested in the qualities needed by an investigator to be successful in missing persons cases. They receive partial funding from the European Union.

 Greg Overacker, a member of HMILLC, has published a book concerning the investigation into the disappearance of BRIANNA MAITLAND. Greg has been investigating the case pro bono since 2006 and was joined by L Barry in 2017.
The book  THE HUNT FOR BRIANNA MAITLAND is now  available  via mail order.
August: In a rather unusual case,  HMI assisted our local Historical society in locating the heir of a WWII soldier, former POW, to return to the family a bible given to the soldier by the base chaplain. It took some searching bur a great nephew of the deceased was located and the bible will be returned to the family.

August:L.Barry appeared on a podcast with CRAWLSPACE MEDIA, explaining the process involved in case requests received

Happy Fourth of July! On behalf the non profit PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS for The MISSING, L. Barry located a woman who had been missing since 1990. On July 4th 2023, her family was re-united with her.

June: HMI LLC was hired to consult on a missing person (probable homicide) case dating back to 1987.

April 2023  HMI INV LLC was pleased to have been able to quickly  locate a young man missing from Illinois and determine that it was a voluntary disappearance

"Granby Girl" identified after 44 years.   Due to DNA analysis and genomic researching by Othram Labs, as well as Investigation by the Granby MA Police and members of the Northwest District Attorney's office State Police Investigators, a 1978  unknown homicide victim was Identified as PATRICIA ANN TUCKER. HMI LLC assisted local authorities in researching the victim and locating potential case witnesses. L Barry appeared on the Crawlspace Podcast relating to the case

Witness research and locating.

"I continuously hire Harris Mountain Investigations to locate witnesses and do research on complaining witnesses in my Criminal Defense cases.  My clients have been exonerated because of evidence that Harris Mountain Investigations has found.  I will continue to hire and would recommend them to anyone in need. "

Attorney Matthew Barry
Civil suit in federal court .

"Louis Barry was my investigator for my sexual abuse case. As a victim, I sought Justice. He was both professional and personal in his work. His findings through his investigation helped my trial very much, resulting in a substantial award. He understood what I was going through as a survivor and kept me updated which helped my anxiety immensely. I would highly recommend him as an investigator."

Kathy P.
Investigation into daughters' disappearance.

Lou stepped forward and reviewed the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of my daughter. His investigation dispelled many rumors and misconceptions surrounding the case, answered some questions I had  concerning the investigation and confirmed the findings of the Police Investigation.He took time out of his life to  to focus on “Sofia” and I am eternally thankful to him for his support and help.  Words cannot describe how much I appreciate him  and his kindness and guidance through  this difficult journey in my life."

Michelle McKenna