Our Team

About the Owner:
Louis M. Barry is the sole owner of HMI with over 40 years of investigative and case management experience, including over 35 in Law Enforcement with 24 as Chief of Police. During his time as a police detective, he investigated all manners of crimes, including sudden deaths, sexual assault investigations, armed robberies, and all major crimes, in addition to being assigned to a Federal Narcotic Task Force.
After retiring as Chief of Police he twice served as Interim Director of Public Safety at a local college. In addition, he has taught at Colleges and Universities for over 30 years in all areas of Criminal Justice. He has also instructed  extensively at area police academies, being certified by the State  in over a dozen subject areas. He is an appointed  Constable and was an elected member of the Select Board for six years. He just completed a term as a Hearings Officer for the Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers, which handles complaints of Attorney misconduct.
Barry holds a master's degree in Criminal Justice. He now volunteers for the non-profit organization Private Investigations for the Missing, screening cases and acting as a Case Manager.
Barry has appeared on several Podcasts, including MISSING, WEB SLEUTHS, WICKED DEEDS, and CULTS CRIME AND CABERNET, and has acted as a consultant on others. In addition, he was recently interviewed for an article in ROLLING STONE magazine as well as articles in Newsweek magazine and The SUN.


Emma started with Harris Mountain Investigations in June of 2022. She has over 14 years of professional experience in local government and holds a BS in Computer Forensics and Digital Investigations and a BA in Sociology and Applied Social Relations. Emma works with Harris Mountain Investigations by researching cases using open-source intelligence techniques and other duties as assigned. In addition, she volunteers her services to Private Investigations for the Missing as a researcher.

Greg is a former Bounty hunter, and now process server out of NY . He volunteered to help the Maitland family back in 2006, and has been investigating the case ever since, at no cost to them.Recently he published a book. "The Hunt for Brianna Maitland"